2 new rules for 2015 Season

1. Any match played in a tournament against a VTL team/player will count in the standings as a VTL match if the match has not been played.

2. At least 1 match must be played by May 31st in each division you have entered or you may be disqualified.

League rules and tie-breaking procedures

1. Be responsive to players requests to schedule matches.[Respond promptly to emails,phone calls, texts]
2. Complete the required number of matches.
3.  Make an effort to schedule and play matches.[Offer times/dates to play]

Current and playoff  standings are determined by the following in the order below:

1. Most wins- if tied go to #2

2. Head to head results

3. If 3 or more teams/players are tied with the same # of wins,
the top 2 teams/players with the most # of wins vs the tied teams
will be in the final. If, that is tie continue below.

4. Most matches played

5. Least number of games lost

6. Least number of games lost vs common opponents

7. Team/Player who played the earliest match in the season

8. Coin Toss

Q and A below

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