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USTA Tennis Rating System Needs a Complete Overhaul

We all know that USTA tennis ratings are not very accurate. Constant confusion, disputes and appeals leave us all scratching our heads in disbelief in a sport that we all love.

There is resentment from players who lie about their ratings in order to match up with teams. “No way is he a 4.5”. “She shouldn’t be a 4.0”. It just goes on and on. This resentment is not good for tennis in the long run or today. Why does it have to be only 1 tennis rating for singles and doubles?

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Sometimes, there is a huge difference in levels of play between 2 players with the same rating. Self rating should not be allowed. That would be like giving bank employees a key to the safe. They are going to cheat and they do. Ever notice that some singles players are NOT good doubles players and vice versa?

Separate tennis ratings for singles AND doubles are a must. In a world of technology, the gap should be opened up between 2 players with the same tennis rating and the United States Tennis Association must find a way to ace this ongoing concern. For more information on ratings, check out the website or blog.